What is happening with Canadian grocery stores?

It’s no secret that grocery stores are fundamentally changing. There are less staff, more self-checkouts, and CEOs are making more than ever. Yet, grocery stores are looking for more ways to increase profits and cut costs—often at the expense of workers.

Most grocery store workers make close to minimum wage, even those who’ve been working at the same store for years. Some grocery workers must rely on food banks or continue working well into retirement to get by—it’s heartbreaking, especially after just being called heroes during the pandemic.

Grocery workers deserve good paying jobs.
It’s that simple.

And grocery CEOs are failing consumers and their own workers.

When grocery workers can’t afford groceries, don’t enough hours, can’t take a sick day, or access health and dental benefits, that’s bad for everyone. When grocery workers get paid fairly, can afford to eat, can support their families, and access a good job that respects them, that’s good for our communities.